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As experts in hazardous location systems operation, Industrial Products designs and distributes industrial PC workstations, intended for reliable and safe use in harsh environments. Our systems protect both the PC, which may be required to monitor a process, as well as the outside environment, which may not allow the electrical components of a computer to operate safely. We draw on a number of safety practices in developing these workstations, including purge/pressure technology, intrinsically safe construction, and non-incendive equipment.

Depending on the requirements of your facility and hardware, we can create a hazardous enclosure for a regular desktop PC, or we can build a system from scratch, where the casing of the computer itself is designed for hazardous locations. From dirt and dust protection to extreme temperatures, our workstations will keep your operations running smoothly, even in the harshest environments.

 Industrial PC Workstations Products
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Industrial PC Workstations Products
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Industrial PC Workstations Products - Capabilities

Industrial PC Workstations
Purge / Pressurized
Intrinsically Safe
Temperature Compensated
Dirty / Dusty
Temperature Extremes
Environmentally ControlledFan Kits
Air Conditioners
Touch Screens
Touch Pads
Roller Ball
Mice Bar Code Readers / Scanners
Card Readers
Biometric Fingerprint
Video Cameras
Production Volume1 to 1000 units
Industry Focus
Electrical Safety in Hazardous Locations
Industrial Facilities
Industrial Equipment Manufacturers
Water / Waste Water
Paint, ink and coatings
Food & Beverage
Industry Standards
National Recognized Test Labs
International Codes
National Electric Code (NFPA)
International Society of Automation (ISA)
Water Environment Federation (WEF)