Intrinsic Safety Solutions

Serving customers in industries where hazardous and harsh environments are encountered, Industrial Products Corporation provides expertise in developing intrinsic safety solutions and systems. Intrinsic safety systems involve power and temperature limiting components, among other factors, to ensure that operations remain safe throughout a process. Our solutions meet all national and international code requirements, including ANSI/ISA-RP12.06.01-2003, NEC, CEC, IEC, ATEX, and are available completely assembled and ready for installation and wiring into your existing system.

We provide full assistance from beginning to end, such as system design, equipment selection, and loop calculations. Components with which we are experienced include isolators, barriers, solenoids, transmitters, pulse, temperature, and digital inputs, fire and smoke detectors, and more. Industrial Products will analyze the requirements of your particular application, and source components as needed. Contact us with your safety requirements today for full details.

  Intrinsic Safety Solutions
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Intrinsic Safety Solutions
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Examples of Our Work

Intrinsic Safety - Capabilities

Intrinsic Safety Codes 504 of NEC
Services Provided
Loop Calculations
Solenoid Valves
Control Cabinets
Digital Inputs / Outputs
Pulse Inputs
Analog Inputs / Outputs
Fire and Smoke Detection
Temperature Inputs
Ethernet Couplers
Production Volume 1 to 1000 units
Industry Focus
Electrical Safety in Hazardous Locations
Industrial Facilities
Industrial Equipment Manufacturers
Water / Waste Water
Paint, ink and coatings
Food & Beverage
Industry Standards
National Recognized Test Labs
International Codes
National Electric Code (NFPA)
International Society of Automation (ISA)
Water Environment Federation (WEF)