Purge/Pressurized Enclosures and Systems

Providing equipment and services for purge and pressurized enclosures, motors, and systems, Industrial Products extends our top-quality hazardous and explosive environment service offerings to customers from all industries. Specializing in NEMA 4 or better-rated enclosures, we provide full units ready for operation in your facility or application. We handle all steps of the process prior to installation, from design and material procurement to assembly and delivery.

Our engineers are experienced with type X, Y, and Z purge systems, and work with components including purge controls, purge timers, relief valves, automatic power cutoffs, and alarm outputs. We can provide various materials, such as fiberglass, painted steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. In addition, we fabricate hinge or clamp doors. From single-unit orders up to 1000-system jobs, we are ready to handle the specific requirements of your project.

 Purge Pressurized Enclosures and Systems
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Purge Pressurized Enclosures and Systems
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Examples of Our Work

Purge/Pressurized Enclosures - Capabilities

Purge / PressurizedIndustrial Work Stations
Control Panels
Motor Purge and Pressurization
Purge SystemsX for Class I, Div. 1 & Zone 1
Y for Class I, Div. 1
Z for Class I, Div. 2 & Zone 2
Painted Steel
Stainless Steel
Purge Control Unit
Relief Valve
Purge Indicator
Pressure Indicator
Flow Regulator
Purge Timer
Automatic Power Cutoff
Alarm Indication
Alarm Output
EnclosureNEMA 4 or better
Production Volume1 to 1000 units
Industry Focus
Electrical Safety in Hazardous Locations
Industrial Facilities
Industrial Equipment Manufacturers
Water / Waste Water
Paint, ink and coatings
Food & Beverage
Industry Standards
National Recognized Test Labs
International Codes
National Electric Code (NFPA)
International Society of Automation (ISA)
Water Environment Federation (WEF)