Surge Protection for the Natural Gas Industry

At Industrial Products, we specialize in all facets of industrial surge protection including applications for use in hazardous locations. These surge protectors are designed for use protecting the input and output cards of the flow computers for natural gas pipeline applications. This project represents a co-engineering/process development effort between IPC and our client. Featuring DIN rail mounting, and surge capacity up to 20,000 amps, it protects 3 to 4 loops per unit and is suitable for lighting protection, in class 1, div. 2 hazardous environments. Over several years we assembled, installed and upgraded over 2,000 of these flow computers. To learn more about this project, or the processes used to manufacture it, see the table below or contact us directly.

  Surge Protection for the Natural Gas Industry
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Surge Protection for the Natural Gas Industry– Project Details

Product Description Surge Protectors
Custom Surge Protector Capabilities
Co-Engineering/Process Development
Expertise IPC provides expertise in all facets of Industrial Surge Protection including applications in Hazardous Locations
Additional Facts Mounted in remote locations
Susceptible to surges from lightning
Surge Capacity: 20,000 amps
DIN rail mounted
Protects 3 to 4 loops per unit
Industry for Use Natural Gas Industry
Volume 2,000 flow computers
Delivery/Turnaround Time Several years
Delivery Location Southern and Central US
Standards Met Customer Specifications
Class 1, division 2 hazardous locations
Product Name Surge Protectors
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