Temperature Sensing and Control Products and Services

As part of Industrial Products’ full offering of harsh and hazardous environment safety and outfitting measures, we provide products and services for temperature sensing and control in industrial, pharmaceutical, and municipal settings. Our temperature sensing and control equipment is suitable for the harshest locations, at either extreme, with sensors capable of accurate readings from -459° C to 3000° C. With full system assembly and installation expertise, we handle all components: RTD’s, thermocouples, transmitters, indicators, wires, cables, and more.

Temperature sensing and control is a key part of process control and safety, and is applicable to nearly any situation or process. A few of the more common applications that we encounter are turbine bearings, gas pipe lines, solvent recovery processes, and plastic manufacturing. We can produce one unit for your facility, or over 1000 units for various requirements and locations. For more information, please contact Industrial Products today.

  Temperature Sensing and Control Products
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Temperature Sensing and Control Products
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Temperature Sensing and Control - Capabilities

Temperature Sensing and Control Hazardous Locations
General purpose
Components Thermocouples
Intrinsically Safe components
Temperature Range -459°C to 3000°C
Typical Applications Turbine Bearing
Food Processing
Solvent Recovery
Gas Pipeline
Food and Dairy
Production Volume 1 to 1000 units
Industry Focus Electrical Safety in Hazardous Locations
Industrial Facilities
Industrial Equipment Manufacturers
Water/Waste Water
Paint,ink and coatings
Food & Beverage
Industry Standards National Recognized Test Labs
International Codes
National Electric Code (NFPA)
International Society of Automation(ISA)
Water Environment Federation(WEF)